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At Summerdale Veterinary Centre, we’re proud to be offering hydrotherapy as a form of treatment for many pets. For many years, humans have known about the healing properties of water for injuries and aching joints. As of recently, it's also been regarded as a form of therapy for pets, meaning that they too can enjoy the benefits of this form of therapy. In particular, Hydrotherapy refers to any therapeutic use of water to help improve general health. For pets, hydrotherapy will usually consist of walking or swimming in water, as part of a structured and specific programme. The goal of these activities will be to ease their discomfort and to improve their functionality after a surgical procedure or injury. Depending on the condition being treated, different types of hydrotherapy will be suggested to best suit the condition of the dog. So most importantly, hydrotherapy is commonly issued as an individualised plan. Meaning it will include a combination of exercises that are specifically chosen to improve the health of your pet.    


At Summerdale Veterinary Centre, we’re always looking for ways to expand our services, so that we’re able to help your pets in a number of ways. One of the ways we are achieving this is by offering physiotherapy at our centre, which can benefit all types of pets. Our team of specialists will be able to perform physiotherapy on your pets, which will then help in the reduction of their pain and lessen the effects of certain injuries. Additionally, this form of treatment can be a great way of increasing the range of movement in specific joints and limbs.  One of the goals of physiotherapy is to help your pet recover efficiently while improving their quality of life as well. In addition to this, one of the reasons physiotherapy can be an effective form of treatment is because it can help pets who are suffering from a variety of conditions such as soft tissue damage or neurological conditions. For your added level of assurance, physiotherapy is a scientifically approved practice that will certainly benefit your pet if they’re experiencing spinal problems or muscle spasms.


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