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Yorkshire Terrier at the Vet


We serve Billericay and the surrounding areas including Brentwood and Wickford.

From dog ultrasounds to hydrotherapy services, your pet will be in good hands with us.

At the Vet

Summerdale Veterinary Centre has been providing high quality healthcare and diagnostic services for over two decades. The aim of our family-run business has always been to maintain excellent health for your beloved pets. Since 1994, we’ve been proud to assist clients by diagnosing and treating various conditions that their pets may have. At Summerdale Veterinary Centre, we offer bespoke advice that will help you make appropriate decisions for your pets. With our guidance and support, your pets will be able to live comfortable and healthy lives. We want your pets to enjoy visiting us, which is why we only intervene when appropriate, and will only keep your pets for the necessary amount of time. There are many benefits for using our services, some of which include separate dog and cat wards and a 24-hour emergency service, for urgent circumstances. Our friendly and caring staff are always happy to help and will, most importantly, provide a high standard of care. In regard to our equipment, we have X-ray and ultrasound facilities and an on-site laboratory to help streamline the process of diagnosis and treatment. In addition to this, we also perform endoscopy procedures and electrocardiograms (ECG).

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Due to the relaxation of government guidelines set in place by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and the British Veterinary Association, we are proud to say that we can offer our full range of services. If you’re arriving for a booked appointment, then please ring us to inform us of your arrival and then please wait for the nurse or veterinary surgeon to telephone you. Please make sure that your mobile phone is near you, has an adequate amount of battery and is not in silent mode.

For clients who are collecting food or medication, there'll be no need to call us upon arrival. As collection can be done at the window next to the reception. Payment must be by credit or debit card if possible.

In regard to recurring prescriptions, this can be requested by phone. Alternatively, the options are still available for prescriptions to be collected or posted. 

We, at Summerdale Vet Centre, would like to thank you for your continued support and understanding over the years.

So call us today on 01277 631889, to learn more about our services.

Contact us for dog ultrasounds, microchipping and
general pet care

52 Western Rd, Billericay CM12 9DX

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