24hr Pet Care

Pet health care 24 hours a day in Billericay

vet holding a long haired cat

Get all your questions answered

At Summerdale Veterinary Centre, we aim to keep your pets healthy and happy. We understand that your pets might be having health issues which is why our experts are here to assist you. 

Whether your pet requires a routine treatment, general check-up or has some other ailment, we can help. Our emergency pet care service can take care of all your pet concerns out of hours. Please contact us if you require any information for your pets. Take a look at our services as well to know more on what we can do for you.

a hamster in a bed of shredded paper
a vet examining a dog's paw
Have questions about your pet's health? Contact Summerdale Veterinary Centre for pet information requests in and around Billericay. Call us on 01277 631 889.
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